Fazaia Teachers' Training Institute, Islamabad
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    Prior to the inception of TTI, the Fazaia System followed the pedagogical practices which have seeped into our country's educational system since more than half a century. Teacher centered approach, and examination driven teaching resulted into rote-learning. The prime motive behind establishing the Teachers Training Institute was to bring a paradigm shift at all levels of pedagogy, visible in the overall conduct of academic and non-academic events.

    TTI's objective has been to bring change in the vision of our teachers from teacher centered approach to student centered approach, to build confidence in them and provide them with ways and means through which they can grow professionally. We believe that every teacher has the requisite potential and our aim is to see that this potential is realized and fulfilled. Such a committed, learner-centered approach to education means that we have a happy and purposeful community that strives for excellence in all academic activities. We are all proud of our past achievements and shall leave no stone unturned in making a smoother transition of the paradigm shift emerged with the Chief of the Air Staff's vision of "Education for All", and "Personality Grooming of the Young Learners".

    TTI is the laboratory where efficient educators are equipped with all the essentials of pedagogical skills and prepare for the upcoming needs of the digital generation. Learning is a lifelong process and to cater for the latest trends in teaching and learning, the modules are revised, upgraded and revitalized on yearly basis. Today a large teacher force comprising over 3000 teachers serving in 26 Fazaia Schools and Colleges and 13 FG Fazaia Secondary Schools are getting benefitted from the professional training at TTI. Research and Development (R & D) effort of TTI has broadened the horizon of the system.

    We are looking for broadening our horizons by having strong collaborations with teachers from other parallel educational systems, where their faculty will be provided with state-of-the-art training in developing their pedagogical expertise. Under the dynamic leadership of the Director, and a vibrant, well groomed, and skilled team of master trainers your time at TTI will be much stimulating and rewarding, and you will develop a change in your personality, which results only after having a mastery of your professional skills.