Fazaia Teachers' Training Institute, Islamabad
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    Mrs. Fauzia Adnan

    Fazaia Teachers' Training Institute believes in investing in capacity building of teachers to substantiate any education System. Though, the institute was established to address training needs of Fazaia Education System initially, every effort has been done to make it a place worth benefitting from for other education systems too.

    At TTI we offer policy-oriented trainings of the highest standard to Fazaia schools. Our vision is to groom our teachers through multi-lateral trainings to enable them to exhibit the essential pedagogical skills in real practices. TTI is a hub of dynamic R & D activity aiming at sustained improvement and standardization of the curricula, curriculum planning, development of useful didactic systems and quality assurance. The enhanced vision of the quality conscious Fazaia System has accentuated the need for continued R & D in all vital educational and functional aspects of the System. In its added role as an external examining body, TTI upholds the highest standards of testing criteria with assured validity and reliability.

    TTI provides outcome-focused, quality trainings aimed at empowering its trainees with the latest, research and technology based trends and innovations in the field. TTI carries out trainings in a full array of Fazaia, public and private schools and education systems to impart analysis-based trainings from the very basic principles to quite sophisticated concepts and practices. The course / workshop contents are closely matched to what teachers have to actually impart. The trainees are exposed to and trained into a variety of teaching strategies to make their classes vibrant and learner friendly. Our training programs engulf all fundamentals of pedagogy i.e Content, Methodology, and Assessment, in a desirable balanced way.

    We seek our stake holders' opinions; we focus on cross system analyses, and reflect on them before designing training interventions in the target areas to provide the best services to our clients. Moreover, we do not disconnect from our clients after imparting the training services.