Fazaia Teachers' Training Institute, Islamabad
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    TTI is committed to train nation builders in such a way that along with content knowledge they also have practical skills and competencies to impart high standard education. TTI's professional development programs give opportunity to competent teachers to prepare themselves according to changing needs of the educational era. It envisions preparing teachers with a variety of ideas to teach effectively. By applying greater expertise, and demanding better results, these teachers will bring about a dramatic expansion of educational opportunity and quality at all levels. A range of General and Continuing Pedagogical Skills, training courses and workshops offered by the institute concentrates but is not limited to the following aspects of teachers' and institutions' educational development:

    1. English Language Proficiency and General Communication Skills
    2. Teaching of English as Second Language
    3. Basic Pedagogical Skills and Instructional Strategies
    4. Advance Pedagogical Skills.
    5. Discipline Specific Teaching (Sciences, Mathematics, Languages and Social Sciences)
    6. Computer Skills and Integration of ICT in Classroom Instruction
    7. Evaluation and Testing Procedures
    8. Diversified Teaching Methodology.
    9. Teaching Through Art.
    10. Time Management.
    11. Educational Leadership and Management.
    12. English for Specific Purposes
    13. Early Years Education: Montessori Method of Teaching

    Fazaia Teachers' Training Institute designs centrally Mid-Term and End-Term examination papers for 26 Fazaia Institutions. The Institute also conducts training need analysis of various institutes and then recommends a series of courses / workshops based on the outcomes. After the successful completion of a certain course, FTTI ensures implementation of the practical strategies through post training evaluation services. For this purpose a team of evaluators / trainers is sent to various Schools andColleges to evaluate the implementation of the strategies, mechanics, and procedures from the training sessions.Moreover, an exclusive training workshop or a need analysis tour to further the training are also conducted if required.

    Curriculum designing is one of the prime forte of Fazaia Teachers' Training Institute.Educational material is an important tool in facilitating learning and learners. The triangular relationship between learner, learning and material is very important for educational development. Fazaia Teachers' Training Institute has been playing an important role in material development and designing which caters for the needs of Fazaia institutions keeping in mind the needs and objectives of the curriculum.

    Personality grooming aspects are also kept in mind while designing the curriculum. Curriculum is designed for classes Prep to HSSCof all the subjects. Moreover, Curriculum is also revised and upgraded prior the onset of each academic year keeping in mind the current requirements of the system.

    Lesson plans, worksheets, charts, models, and a whole variety of educational material is designed and developedFazaia Teachers' Training Institute to address the needs of Fazaia Institutions as well as other client educational organizations.