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    Basic Pedagogical Skills and Instructional Strategies


    Modern Classroom teaching calls for structured and organized approach to classroom procedures. Generally, the importance of this aspect of instruction is not fully realized even by some of the experienced teachers. Most teachers conduct their teaching on a conventional pattern that does not take into consideration the essential requirements of planned and disciplined ways to deliver the content. They need to be guided on the specific instructional strategies, methodology and overall pedagogical philosophy currently in practice in the modern education. Newly inducted teachers need to initially understand the nature of structured classroom teaching, learning process, and effective teaching methodologies along with many other components of pedagogy. They need to be trained in new pedagogical philosophies, a variety of instructional methodologies, class management, resource development, integration of ICTs and other relevant areas. Therefore, we have specifically designed this course with a view to providing instruction to our teachers in order to give them an insight of some of the vital considerations of effective classroom instruction. This course has been offered to the teachers of all levels.

    We do need to enhance our capabilities and update our knowledge and expertise. We must strive to make our teaching more proficient and aim at better standards. Therefore, this course has been specially designed to review our existing approach to teaching and to inject fresh ideas into it to make it more effective and better oriented with the modernistic pedagogical considerations.

    Course Objectives

    The course will enable the participants to :-

    1. Discuss major constituent components of pedagogy to eventually help them to manipulate these components for effective learning of students.
    2. Use a variety of teaching strategies to deliver subject content in classrooms to enrich instructional procedure.
    3. Build efficient lesson plans that would cater to a variety of learning styles and would assist in achieving the set learning objectives for a lesson.
    4. Highlight the characteristics of an effective teacher and to strive to add the same to their own profile as teachers
    5. Benefit from technology to prepare, deliver and assess subject content in classes, thus connecting pedagogy to the exposure and requirement of the young generation of learners.
    6. Explore and link inquiry and project based learning with all the subjects.
    7. Equip the teachers with the essential pedagogical skills that add to their overall accomplishment as competent teachers as well as prime benefactors of their pupils.
    8. Make teachers conscious of the need of possessing effective language skills that would give them abilities to communicate with ease and confidence in the classroom.