Fazaia Teachers' Training Institute, Islamabad
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    Discipline Specific Teaching (Sciences, Mathematics, Languages and Social Sciences)


    Fazaia Teachers' Training Institute has been playing a vital role in equipping Fazaia teachers with the current pedagogical approaches to address the demands of the new requirements. Science and Mathematics teachers need to initially understand the nature of subject specific teaching and learning requirements. They need to be trained in a variety of instructional methodologies related to teaching Science and Mathematics and other relevant areas. Therefore, this course has specifically been designed to provide instructions to the teachers of classes IV - V in order to give them insights into some of the vital skills for effective classroom instruction of Science and Mathematics.

    Course Objectives

    The Course will enable the participants to :-

    1. Discuss major differences between teaching of Science and Mathematics and other subjects.
    2. Understand particular requirements related to teaching of Science and Mathematics.
    3. Use a variety of teaching strategies and adopt adequate methodology to deliver subject content related to Science and Mathematics.
    4. Build efficient lesson plans that would cater to a variety of learning styles and would assist in achieving the set learning objectives for a lesson.
    5. Highlight the characteristics of an effective teacher and to strive to add the same to their own profile as teachers.
    6. Explore and link inquiry and project based learning with Science and Mathematics.