Fazaia Teachers' Training Institute, Islamabad
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    Montessori Method of Teaching


    Fazaia Teachers' Training Institute organizes workshops and courses for Montessori teachers to equip them with the sound understanding of the philosophy and practice of different methods and skills required for Montessori teaching and learning. These courses and workshops groom teachers to use Montessori Method effectively for the healthy cognitive, affective and social development of the children. In these workshops and courses focus is specially given on internationally acclaimed Dr. Maria Montessori Method of teaching with the combination of requirements of Pakistani students. Aim of institution is to make teachers competent in in depth knowledge of the child development and learning process. Modules cover different exercises covering activities based on all the five senses.

    Course Objectives

    At the end of the course the participants will be able to :-

    1. Use Montessori teaching/learning philosophy and methods for the healthy development of child.
    2. Relate early childhood theories with practical life exercises.
    3. Develop the qualities of critical thinking, problem-solving, creativity, healthy social being among children.
    4. Construct different formal and informal evaluation strategies.
    5. Communicate proficiently to help students develop their language skills appropriately.
    6. Improvise and use appropriate instructional aids while teaching different concepts to the children.
    7. Develop competencies to use different instructional strategies, aids and tools to teach Math exercises by using Dr. Montessori Method of teaching.
    8. Develop love, coordination, self- respect, self-satisfaction, good moral and social habits among children by involving them in various activities learned during the course/workshop.