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    English Language Proficiency and General Communication Skills


    Fazaia Teachers' Training Institute has been playing a vital role in equipping teachers with the current pedagogical approaches to address the demands of the new requirements. Many educators, while having profound knowledge regarding their respective area of interests and course/s they teach, fail to communicate clearly with their students and thus fail to achieve the desired results. Given the fact that a teacher is essentially evaluated formally or informally on the basis of his or her student's success, it is inevitable to work on language and communication skills to achieve personal fulfillment and professional excellence. This course is aimed at helping teachers to develop proficiency and competence. It aims to develop teachers' confidence in using language in various communication situations, both formal and informal. The ability to speak English effortlessly in a variety of situations requires good pronunciation, a wide range of vocabulary, grammatical accuracy and also the knowledge of what to say to whom and when. This module contains a range of activities for the teachers to use in the classrooms to encourage students to speak effectively and with confidence. The activities are mainly designed around shared experiences, to be done in pairs and groups so that participants learn to respond spontaneously in any communication situation.

    Course Objectives

    The Course will enable the participants to :-

    1. Understand the nature of communication for effective handling of communication situations.
    2. Explore their personality types and relevant communication styles.
    3. Adapt their communication styles successfully to their own communication situations personally as well as professionally both in academic and non-academic settings.
    4. Enhance their in-depth understanding of communication in terms of how it functions at interpersonal, public, group and intercultural levels.
    5. Participate in different tasks and assignments that either examine examples of language and communication or apply English Language and Communication theory, knowledge and skills to solve problems.
    6. Benefit from seminars and public speaking in which trainee teachers can carry out experiential tasks where they reflect on their own language use and communication behaviour.