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    English for Specific Purposes


    The role of English for specific purposes cannot be denied in today's world. English for specific purposes or English for special purposes (ESP) involves teaching and learning of English for specific goal by particular learner. Fazaia Teachers' Training Institute offers specific English language courses for employees and workers of different professions. P in ESP is always a specific purpose. This course is arranged for professional workers working in profession of tourism, hotels and restaurants, law, medicine, media. This course is different from general English language course as it is tailored to fulfil the specific needs and requirements of the workers.

    Each profession, be it medicine, aviation, hotel management, business, Science and technology, teaching, tourism, art and craft , air traffic, require its employees to communicate with people and world in general and for this purpose the employees should be well acquainted with the jargon (language used by a particular group of people) and vocabulary related to their profession. This course aims at equipping the participants with an over view of ESP and for this purpose a need analysis will be conducted before the inception of the course.

    Course Objectives

    The course will enable participants to :-

    1. Equip the participants to carry out communicative activities for ESP within their institutional contexts.
    2. Enable the participants to examine and reflect on their learning and experiences related to ESP in general and their profession in specific.
    3. Discuss current beliefs and relate them to familiar and unfamiliar professional contexts.
    4. Use ICT skills appropriately and relate them to their profession.
    5. Practice special aspects of the professional register used in their professional activities.
    6. Get involved in different pair and group activities to develop strategic competence.
    7. Participate in various simulation activities developed according to the specific requirement of the group.