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    Evaluation and Testing Procedures


    Fazaia Teachers' Training Institute has been playing a vital role in equipping Fazaia teachers with the current pedagogical approaches to address the demands of the new requirements. For completing the process of instruction, a teacher must test evaluate the learners. For this purpose it is very important for the teachers to be acquainted with the correct measures of testing and evaluation. Therefore, this course has specifically been designed to provide instructions to the teachers in order to give them insight and practice in the mechanics of testing and evaluation.

    Course Objectives

    The Course will enable the participants to :-

    1. Understand different levels of assessment.
    2. Consider concepts and types of assessment in teaching and learning: formal, informal, diagnostic, formative, and summative.
    3. Learn and apply guidelines for developing and using assessment procedures.
    4. Choose right mode, method and technique of assessment according to the topics and DLOs.
    5. Design quality test items.
    6. Administer different types of tests.