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    Teaching of English as Second Language


    This workshop is meticulously designed to provide comprehensive guidelines for our English language teachers across various grade levels. We aim to deliver a high didactic value, ensuring that our content meets the needs of English language instruction at primary, lower secondary, and secondary levels. Our approach incorporates modern pedagogical strategies and includes practical suggestions for effectively integrating resource rooms and ICT into language teaching.

    Workshop Objectives

    The workshop aims at :-

    1. Developing insight into modernistic approach to English language teaching at the lower secondary level.
    2. Providing guidelines to English language teachers on instructional procedures related to comprehensive overviews of the subject texts, devising specific instructional strategies and writing pragmatic instructional plans.
    3. Enabling English language teachers to develop a variety of quality test items, such as, multiple choice questions, match the columns, fill in the blanks, and short answer questions. Exercises on text comprehension are also included.
    4. Highlighting the need of supporting English language teaching with effective use of resource material.
    5. Emphasizing the importance of integrating ICT in English language teaching.